Hands on the LDC1000 EVM

Today we finally acquired the LDC1000 and tested it out. We were given two EVMs, the original one, and also one that had the MSP430 broken off to use simply as a sensor. We were able to connect the original EVM to a computer and open a GUI to show different inductances when the coil was put near the different coins. However, we have not started defining profiles for each coin by programing it through CCS or Energia. We determined that the longer the coil was exposed to a coin, the lower the inductance would go, so the solution would be to develop a ramp for the coins. This would keep the distance from the coil to the coin and the speed of the coin fixed, giving more accurate readings for each coin. As we slowly learn more about the device, we will get closer and closer to creating profiles for each coin.



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