So far, our group has decided on which materials we are using. In order for the coin counter to determine which coin is which, we will be using the Texas Instruments LDC1000 Evaluation Model. This EVM will detect the inductance of each coin that passes by its coil, identifying what type of coin, such as a quarter, penny, etc., has passed. Although our experience with the EVM has just started, we will be constructing a small demo of the LDC1000 EVM at work soon. We plan to use the Texas Instruments Launchpad MSP430 F5529, which is a compatible launchpad that is already available to us. We currently plan to have an 16×2 LCD Display, which will display the quantity and the different type of coin that has passed the EVM. For the user interface, we will have a Rocker switch that functions as a power switch for our project and a Push button switch to reset it. The CC3100 is a wi-fi booster pack that, as a stretch goal, will display the information from the coin counter on a website.


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