Button Counter with Display

The first step we took after uploading example code to program the LCD display was creating a demo that is similar to how the final project would be coded. Because there needed to be a running total of the coins that passed through, we decided to use buttons as each “coin.” This simulates the LCD1000 properly identifying the coin. Each of the four buttons were assigned as different coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) in order to show the running total on the LCD. The video below shows what the LCD display looks like so far. Although we were able to get the running total working, there were still many issues that needed to be fixed. One was that after all the decimals were taken up, the count would not go back to 0, meaning the decimals place would continue going. Another issue was that after the decimal value reached 100, the dollar value would continuously increase without stoping. Although I wish that happened with my back account, for the project it is a major issue that needs to be solved. The last problem was that random characters would appear after clicking the buttons. Sometimes if I clicked a button once, it occurred, but other times if I clicked the buttons numerous times it would occur. We are not sure how to solve this problem, but we will find out as soon as we can. The video below shows what we have so far. The different trials are shown for every time we manipulated the source code. Although we did make alterations to the program, there was little to no difference between each trial.

 LCD Display First Attempt


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