Node-Red Demo with MQTT

We were finally able to get somewhere for putting data online. Before using the Coin Counter simulator data, we decided to create a demo with just a potentiometer. We loaded example source code for using MQTT, and we were able to publish the data online. MQTT has three components, a publisher, a broker, and a subscriber. The publisher is what is sending out the data, so in our case, it is the MSP430 LaunchPad (the CC3100 booster pack allows us to do so). The broker is responsible for distributing messages to interested clients, and the subscriber is able to receives information from the publisher as long as it is connected to the same broker and has subscribed to the publisher. With all this information, we were able to use IBM’s Bluemix and Node-Red to obtain the information from the LaunchPad. However, the last step we wanted to do was create a webpage that shows the data as well. Instead of creating the webpage for the potentiometer values, we decided that it would make more sense to start the process for the coin counter button simulator, so we don’t have to start the entire process again with a different demo. We have not started integrating MQTT with the coin counter demo, but that is our next task to complete.


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