Improved Interior Ramp Mk.3

In the past week, I have tried to improve upon our previous design of the Interior Ramp because I have seen that it is just bulky in many places. At first, I uploaded the ramp onto to gauge how high the price might be for our first design, to which my surprise was it was an astoundingly high of $73.03, in which we first estimated it would be in the range of the $30 to $40 range max. I decided to try and use a hollowed out design and created a hexagonal pattern on the back, not only to save space, but to also give a pleasing look to any person wanting to open the contraption and examining the ramp themselves.

Although it is still in the process of editing, here is what I have edited/improved upon so far for our ramp:

Interior Ramp Mk.3 v12 with hollowed out interior

The final cost of this model, using the cheapest material on the website, comes out to $41.06. Though it may be a massive drop in price, there is still much work to be done.


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