Website Update!

We have been working intensively for the past few weeks to get some sort of visual display available to everyone for how much the coin has counted and for which team is winning. We finally have a superficial version of a website running. If you go to, you will find what the website currently looks like. So far, it looks very simple, however, the coding behind it was very complex. The page has a heading of “Who’s Winning?” with a graph of team scores. We only have one IoT coin counter, so there is only one line under the graph, but if there were multiple coin counters, we could connect more to display the competition. The graph updates every 15 seconds, and stays at 0 when the coin counter is not connected and on. I am currently attempting to also display the total amount of money raised, as well as a simple point counter on the side in addition to the graph. A stretch goal will be to allow the user to set a goal, and to show how much money is needed to reach the goal. Below is a picture of what the webpage looks like currently. The code for the website will be under the “Demo” tab soon!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.40.21 PM


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