Project Scope Changes

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the LDC1000 working properly, and even after working with TI engineers, Trey and Dave, we were still unable to figure out the main.c program. We have been constantly posting on the e2e forum in hopes of fixing the issue, but there are still problems with it. With the upcoming deadline in less than a week, we were desperate to find a solution to profile the coins. We then remembered how we had an option before starting the project to use a coin acceptor instead of the LDC1000, however, we felt that the LDC would give us more experience with the entire engineering design process. Now we have ordered a programmable 4 type coin acceptor in order to finish our project in time. We hope that this coin acceptor will be easy to use and program in order to finalize our final product. Additionally, after completing the coin counter, we will also create a video that shows what it is and how it works. There is a lot to do in such little time, but we are determined that we can get everything completed!


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