Hands on the Coin Acceptor

We finally received the coin acceptor today to profile the coins individually. The process of programming the coins was not hard at all, as the instructions were very clear. However, I could not get the data to be read on the serial monitor when connected to the LaunchPad. Another issue I had was that even before programming the coin acceptor, I did not know the proper wiring for it because it required 12 volts to power it, and a LaunchPad could only give 5 volts. I thought about the problem I was having, but then I remembered that I had a 12 volt battery holder for 8 AA batteries. I connected it to the coin acceptor, and sure enough, it powered on! To program it, I had 30 samples of each coin in order to get the most accurate readings. After it was successfully programmed, I tried putting foreign coins into it. I tried coins from UAE and UK, and they rejected those coins, so I am positive all the coins were profiled very well. Before moving on, I also have to adjust the coin counter box itself because it cannot house the coin acceptor as is. Tomorrow, I plan to use a jigsaw from the engineering room to create a spot for the coin acceptor!


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