Addition of Voltage Regulator

After properly integrating the coin acceptor into the main program, the next step was to power everything. There were multiple way of doing this (three that we saw in specific). The first way was to power the coin acceptor and LaunchPad separately because the  LaunchPad is powered with about 5 volts, while the coin acceptor is powered with about 12 volts, so it’s not as easy as hooking the acceptor fully to the LaunchPad, as it would not supply enough power. Therefore, we would need two separate wall plugs. This is the easy way out, however, it looks sort of odd to have two plugs for one device. The second way was to use a two outlet surge protector. This method falls along the lines of the first method, but this way is much neater, as it only takes one wall outlet. This method is also another easy way out, but because this entire project is a learning experience, we decided to go the voltage regulator route. This last method would be using a 12v AC-DC adaptor to power both the LaunchPad and the coin acceptor. We cannot simply run this circuit in parallel and use all the 12 volts for the LaunchPad and the coin acceptor separately because this would mess up the LaunchPad, as 12 volts is way too much for it to handle. This is why we had to use a voltage regulator to step the 12 volts down to 5 volts, then run it in parallel. That way one path would be 12 volts and the other would be 5 volts, which is perfect for the coin acceptor and the LaunchPad respectively. The specific voltage regulator we used for this task was the LM7805. After finishing this step, we glued on the front plate, and we were finally done!


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