Coin Acceptor Fully Set Up

Just because there has not been a post for weeks does not mean that we have not been working diligently to finish in a timely manner. We will explain all the steps we took to finish the final design.

We were finally able to finish the box with the coin acceptor cut out. This allows the coin counter to properly sit inside the box in a snug fit. The only disappointment we had with this step was that the acrylic glass was still there, and we could not remove the side to put in a new solid panel, as the wood glue we used “bonds stronger than wood!” The acrylic glass seems a bit pointless now because the coin acceptor does not show the coin as it falls through, so people are only looking at the opposite side of the acceptor, which is kind of boring. It would be great only if the coin acceptor was manufactured with a clear material instead of a black one.

On top of making the cut out for the acceptor, we also integrated the acceptor program with the main program so it all functions together with the LCD and the online dashboard. This allows the LCD and dashboard to update properly as coins are inserted into the machine.


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