Who are we?


We are interns for Texas Instruments from Elkins High School. We all came to this mentorship program with little to no prior experience with programming microcontrollers, but after several months of learning, trying new things, succeeding with projects, failing, and learning from mistakes, we are ready to start a semester long project to showcase our expertise with programming microcontrollers, specifically the MSP430.

Meet the engineers!

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Ali Soomar

I am currently a student at the Engineering Academy at Elkins High School who has developed a deep passion for computer and electrical engineering. I also enjoy helping others in any way, which is why I yearn to become an engineer and ease people’s lives through technological developments. I seek to obtain a bachelors of science in computer and electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin to pursue my dreams of becoming a leading innovator.

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Jeremy Tanueco

Currently a senior at Lawrence E. Elkins High School and the Engineering Academy, I am the member of Change Counts that is responsible for creating the appearance and inner workings of our avant-garde project. My interests in life include video games, e-sports, and the advancement of prosthetic limbs for veterans and the disabled alike. I hope to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at University of Houston, and use my knowledge to assist those in need, whether they be near or far.

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Tiffani Weir

I am currently a senior in the Engineering Academy at Lawrence E. Elkins High School and is anxious to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. I am committed to Baylor University and plan to get a BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering and MS in Biomedical Engineering. What drives me to be a biomedical engineer is the idea that I can manipulate things that currently exist and give it a whole new purpose that may potentially change someone’s life.

Contact me

Email: weir.tiffani@gmail.com

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Where else can you find us?

Throughout the experience here at Texas Instruments, we have done many projects and videos that showcase some of the things we’ve been working on.

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